The Editors

Rachel O'Brien & Sarah Walsh

Waiting in silence, dependent on doors opening, we all step inside. Together, but separate. It’s a solo journey for all of us, but still we have the chance to smile at one another before stepping off.

As the arrow lights above our heads, the number of us dwindles. Some are staying on longer, but no matter what, we’ll all end the ride. We’ll go to interact with our families, acquaintances, loved ones. We’ll move down our own timeline.

We are all on our own journey — our own footsteps the only things carrying us down our path. The interactions we have with each other, whether limited or infinite, matter and contribute to our experience. Whether you meet someone on an elevator, while traveling abroad or even on seeking arrangements, their presence is a bump in the road that affects your timeline.

Engagements with others make us more complex. New people will broaden our horizons and introduce us to things we never knew we’d would love. Go out and meet people different from you. Hang out with people who express themselves differently. Join a new club or pick up a new hobby, like break dancing.


You can only truly embrace life by living it fully and engaging with as many other humans as possible. Why not strike up that conversation with someone in your class? Why not get out of your comfort zone? Why not hear other people’s stories and read this issue of Ethos?

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